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The Best Co-Working Spaces in Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen is a popular destination for digital nomads and other remote workers, and rightly so. With good weather year-round, delicious food on every street corner, and an affordable cost of living, it’s no wonder expats flock en masse to this corner of the Mexican Caribbean.

If you’re planning to join their ranks, there are a couple of things you should know. First, bear in mind that the Internet in Mexico, although better than in neighboring parts of the world, is still a work in progress.

Average connection speeds around the country reach 10Mbit on a good day, and Playa del Carmen is no exception. In rainy season, slowdowns and dropouts are a regular problem.

Second, due to the massive influx of US visitors to this part of Mexico, prices in Playa del Carmen are listed in US dollars as often as Mexican pesos. The symbol for dollars and pesos is the same ($), so don’t hesitate to ask if you’re not sure which is being used.

Your best bet for reliable and (somewhat) speedy connections are co-working spaces. There are several of them around Playa del Carmen, many with attractive ocean views motivating you to get your work done so you can head out for an afternoon swim.


Nest Coworking

Nest is one of the most popular co-working spaces in Playa del Carmen, due to its super-central location and social vibe. With an air-conditioned 150 square-meter space, and very decent internet connection (60Mbps speeds,) Nest is one of the biggest and best spots to get work done. Even better, it’s barely two blocks from the beach.

The drawback to its popularity is that it can get noisy, so isn’t ideal for those who regularly need to make calls or require silence to work. If you don’t, though (or if you’re happy to invest in a private office), you’ll appreciate the community vibe and accessibility of Nest.


There’s a kitchen with coffee, drinking water, and cookies on the premises.

Found in 10 Avenida, one block south of Parque 28 de Julio, Nest is close enough to gringo-tastic Quinta Avenida to have plenty of food options available, but with fewer touts and better pricing than you’ll get two streets down.

For healthy fare, La Senda offers vegan sandwiches and green juices, or you can walk up to Parque 28 de Julio for some Venezuelan family grub at Kaxapa Factory.


  • Day pass: $15 USD
  • Weekly rate: $75 USD
  • Monthly rate: $250 USD


Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 10 pm

Cowork In

Co Work In

Launched in late 2016, Cowork In chose a less-central location, although it’s still just a few blocks from the sea. Found beside the airport in Avenida de Aviación, the area is a little grim and lacks the charm of other parts of Playa.

However, if you decide to give Cowork In a try, you’ll find a functional, welcoming space, with a very attractive drawcard: it boasts the quickest Internet in town. They advertise a 100Mbps connection and, even though it typically ranges between 50-90Mbps, you’ll appreciate the extra speed when it comes to getting work done.


Coffee (including Nespresso), tea and cookies are up for grabs on the premises.

The surrounding area isn’t the most lively in terms of restaurants and bars, unfortunately. Two good options are Al Comal, with traditional Mexican food, and Estia, if you are in the mood for feta salad and moussaka.


  • Hourly rate: 50 pesos
  • Day pass: 249 pesos
  • Weekly rate: 999 pesos
  • Monthly rate: 2900 pesos

Private offices cost twice as much per hour, day, or week. The monthly rate for a private office is 7499 pesos.

Two-person offices, conference rooms, and meeting rooms are also available at extra cost.


Monday through Sunday, 7 am to midnight

Altus Business & Coworking


More serious-looking than other options in Playa, the airy common area and well-stocked meeting rooms at Altus attract the online entrepreneur.

Altus is located a half-block from the beach, which comes with both advantages and drawbacks. The biggest issue is the internet connection, since this area of town gets the weakest service. Altus has two data lines to help ensure a consistent service, but speeds won’t go beyond 5Mbps, if they get there at all.

However, if your job doesn’t require much bandwidth, you’ll cherish having the ocean a few steps away. It’s all about priorities, really.


Free coffee and cookies are available on the premises. For outside grub, you can walk four blocks to Calle 38, which has plenty of options, like the famous Cueva del Chango, offering homemade fare in a charming outdoor setting.


  • Day pass: $15 USD
  • Bi-weekly rate: $150 USD
  • Monthly rate: $235 USD
  • Quarterly rate: $635 USD
  • Half-year rate: $1,190 USD
  • Annual rate: $2,115 USD

Additional costs for meeting rooms and private offices.


Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm

Enlaces Corporativos

Enlaces Corporativos

This space offers a different kind of working environment. Focused on offices (which can be private or shared), it is an excellent option for those who need total peace and quiet, or online entrepreneurs that need to meet clients, whether in-person or virtually.

Located in the business area of Playa del Carmen on Avenida 50, Enlaces Corporativos may not offer a beach view, but if you need total silence and privacy, it makes office-style working available at very affordable prices.


There’s no food available on premises. Enlaces Corporativos is a little removed from the thick of the Quinta Avenida action, which means less hustle and bustle, but a smorgasbord of inexpensive and delicious food options instead.

Walk a block to El Faisán y El Venado for regional Yucateco fare, cross the street for outdoor dining at Nativo, or just pop by any of the countless taco trucks parked down the street.


  • Hourly rate: 120 pesos
  • Daily rate: 600 pesos
  • Monthly rate: 9000 pesos

You can also buy a wide range of packages that give access for a certain number of hours or days, usable over a three month period.

A boardroom is also available for hire.


Monday through Friday, 9 am to 7 pm

Work Zone Coworking

Work Zone Coworking

Work Zone set up shop in 2016 in Avenida Luis Donaldo Colosio, in the northern part of the town. It’s a solid half-hour walk away from the ocean and Quinta Avenida.

Being far away from the touristy areas has several advantages. You’ll be among the local remote working community (so if you came to Mexico looking to ramp up your Spanish, this a great choice), and it is far quieter than other options in town.

Prices are about half of those found closer to Quinta Avenida, too, both for the co-working space itself and the food options nearby.


The on-site kitchen offers free coffee, tea, and cookies.

Once you step outside, there are a wealth of options to choose from. From tacos de guisado and carnitas across the street, to traditional Mayan fare, to grilled fish and steak, you won’t be going hungry.


  • Day pass: 200 pesos
  • Weekly rate: 1,000 pesos
  • Monthly rate: 2,500 pesos
  • Monthly part-time rate (three days a week): 1,500 pesos



Images via Nest, Altus Business & Coworking, Cowork In, Work Zone Coworking and Enlaces Corporativos. Main image via 16:9clue.

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