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The Best Selfie Stick To Buy in 2023

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Selfie sticks let you capture amazing photos of yourself that would be impossible to take without having freakishly-long arms or risking dropping your phone.

They’re also an excellent way of capturing your whole crew while simultaneously ruining the photos of every tourist around you who doesn’t have a selfie stick of their own. 

Their lack of travel accessories isn’t your problem, however, so let’s get straight to finding out the best selfie stick to buy right now.

Best Selfie Stick: ATUMTEK
  • Minimum length: 7.7 inches
  • Maximum length: 31.3 inches
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Remote: Bluetooth, rechargeable, detachable
  • Tripod: Yes
  • Other features: None

Best Selfie Stick for Large Phones: Yeaki
  • Minimum length: 8 inches
  • Maximum length: 46 inches
  • Weight: 6.7oz
  • Remote: Bluetooth, detachable
  • Tripod: Yes
  • Other features: Fill light

Best Selfie Stick With a Gimbal: DJI Osmo Mobile 6
  • Minimum length: 7.4 inches (folded down)
  • Maximum length: 19.3 inches
  • Weight: 12.1oz (with phone clamp)
  • Remote: Controls built into handle
  • Tripod: Yes
  • Other features: Gimbal, powerful companion app

Best Selfie Stick for GoPro Cameras: SANDMARC Pole
  • Minimum length: 17 inches
  • Maximum length: 40 inches
  • Weight: 9oz
  • Remote: none
  • Tripod: none
  • Other features: Waterproof, tripod and GoPro mounts

Best Selfie Stick for Portability: Vproof
  • Minimum length: 6.5 inches
  • Maximum length: 26 inches
  • Weight: 4.2oz
  • Remote: Inbuilt
  • Tripod: none
  • Other features: none

How We Choose the Best Selfie Sticks

They’re simple on the surface, but when you start digging into the detail of buying a selfie stick, you realize how different these gadgets can be. Since choosing one can be overwhelming, we’ve outlined the most important aspects to consider when figuring out the best selfie stick for your needs.

Device Type

The first thing to figure out is which device(s) you plan to use your selfie stick with. While most people want it for their phone, there are selfie sticks designed for GoPros and other action cameras that are better able to handle the more-extreme conditions they’re commonly used in.

Standard selfie sticks, especially the cheaper ones, aren’t good at handling things like water, snow, and sand, or moving at high speeds. If you want to use a selfie stick with GoPro, it is worth checking if it is compatible with your model, especially if you have an older one.

Things can be different between phones too. If you own a wide, heavy phone (the iPhone Max range and many Android devices fall into this category), you’ll need to ensure the selfie stick you choose can withstand the extra weight. That’s especially true when it’s fully extended or being used in tripod mode.


Even if you don’t plan to use a selfie stick in extreme conditions, you’ll still take pictures outside more often than not. Because you’ll likely be traveling with it, choosing one that won’t break the first time you drop it makes sense.

That’s why it’s worth looking for more robust materials where you can, even if they come with a bit of a weight or price premium. Carbon fiber and aluminum or other metals are better than plastic, for instance, especially for the pole itself and any connectors on the extension arms.


A longer selfie stick is usually a better choice, as it will lets you capture a wider landscape behind you, or get all of your friends, family, or whoever else you’re traveling with into the frame. 

The downside of extra length, though, is reduced stability and less control, as your phone waves around on the other end of a giant pole. This can especially be the case in tripod mode, as the legs often aren’t long enough or strong enough to hold it all perfectly still.

Better materials and improved design do help with this, but only to a point. Even the best selfie sticks tend to be unstable at maximum extension when used in tripod mode. If you primarily plan to use your selfie stick in this way, you’re probably better off buying a dedicated phone tripod instead.

Longer selfie sticks are usually also longer when collapsed, which brings us to…


Selfie sticks benefit from extra length, but that’s only true while they’re in use. When they’re collapsed, they should be as small and as light as possible so you can carry them around more easily. If you intend to store your selfie stick in a backpack or purse, look for one that folds down as small as possible.

Extra Features

While a basic selfie stick is fine for many people, those with more specialized needs will benefit from a more advanced model. For example:

  • A selfie stick with a tripod and a remote control is useful if you plan to record videos, or travel solo and won’t have somebody else there to take your photo. 
  • A gimbal stabilizer comes in handy if you plan to take fast-action shots, and especially if you’re shooting video while on the move. We’ve mention one below, and have covered several others in the past. They’re heavier, shorter, and more expensive than traditional selfie sticks, though, so only get one if you know you’ll use it.
  • Selfie sticks that are water-resistant and rust-proof will last much longer if you plan to use them while snorkeling or diving, or anywhere else where there’s a high chance of getting soaked.


Chances are you’ve already paid a hefty price for your phone, so you want to avoid breaking it by attaching it to a wobbly selfie stick that can’t handle the weight and breaks or buckles at the first opportunity.

That said, unless you’re looking for specific features, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a selfie stick that you can rely on. We were price-conscious in our choices while trying not to compromise quality: you’ll find something for every pocket depth.

Best Selfie Stick: ATUMTEK

ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod, Extendable 3 in 1 Aluminum Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote 270 Degree Rotation for iPhone 14/13/12/11 Pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X, Samsung, Google, Sony, LG Smartphones Black

At first glance, this ATUMTEK selfie stick isn’t anything spectacular, with dozens of similar-looking models on Amazon and elsewhere. It stands out from the crowd simply by doing the basics well (it’s durable, stable, easy to convert, and is usefully long) and having a few little extras that you don’t find elsewhere.

ATUMTEK’s 3-in-1 selfie stick is made of aluminum everywhere that matters, meaning it stays relatively light but will last much longer than plastic models. Clever design features, such as the hinged aluminum stabilizers that hold the tripod legs in place, are a welcome addition.

The stick expands to a little over 31 inches, but collapses down to a relatively small 7.7″ for easier carrying and storage. There are longer selfie sticks out there, but they suffer from significant wobble at maximum expansion.

The ATUMTEK is much more stable by comparison, although particularly heavy phones will still move around a bit. Like most decent selfie sticks, you can rotate your phone between portrait and landscape modes without removing it from the mounting bracket , and vertically by up to 180 degrees.

A Bluetooth remote comes bundled with the stick, and clips into the handle to make it harder to lose. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the remote has a rechargeable battery rather than using disposables. Expect to take thousands of photos between charges: this thing lasts a very long time.

The mount can handle devices up to 3.4″ wide, which covers the vast majority of phones (not tablets) on the market. Overall, it’s a well-made selfie stick with enough extra features to make most casual users happy, at a sharp price. For that reason, it’s our top pick right now.


  • Durable
  • More stable than most when fully extended
  • Aluminum hinges for extra tripod stability
  • Rechargeable Bluetooth remote


  • Not the longest selfie stick we’ve come across
  • Can still struggle with very heavy phones at max extension

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Best Selfie Stick for Large Phones: Yeaki

Selfie Stick Tripod with Detachable Wireless Remote, Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod with LED Fill Light, for iPhone 14/14 pro/13/13 Pro/12/11/11 Pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8/7 and Android Smartphone

While selfie sticks can be used with most phones, owners of very large devices face a major issue: weight. Because large phones are typically also very heavy, most selfie sticks struggle to hold them firmly in place. This makes for blurry photos, shaky video, and worst case, risks dropping the phone entirely. 

This Yeaki model is an exception, able to hold even the iPhone 14 Pro Max without fear of it falling out or shaking around excessively. Made from strong stainless steel, the build quality is impressive, and you can expect it to last longer than cheaper competitors.

It’s extendable to an impressive 46 inches, and while heavy phones might still wobble slightly at that length, it’s far less than most. Because the stick is so long, dropping the length back slightly to stop the movement doesn’t impact your ability to take super-wide-angle shots.

Despite all that extra length, the stick still collapses down to a relatively compact eight inches for easier transport. By itself, this sturdiness and flexibility would make this the best selfie stick for iPhone Max owners or anyone with a particularly large or heavy Android phone, but the story doesn’t stop there.

The stick comes with a built-in fill light, which is a relatively unusual but welcome addition. It’s obviously more useful at shorter distances, but if you’re taking close-up selfies or talking to camera on a video shoot, you’ll definitely notice an improvement in the end result.

You can also use this selfie stick as a tripod, since it has a basic Bluetooth remote (which clips in and out of the frame) to activate your phone camera from up to ~30 feet away. I’d suggest not using it at full extension in tripod mode, however: it’s not particularly stable in windy conditions or on uneven ground.


  • Good quality, stainless steel build
  • Extends further than most
  • Fill light built in


  • Tripod can be unstable at full extension

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Best Selfie Stick With a Gimbal: DJI Osmo Mobile 6

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones, 3-Axis Phone Gimbal, Built-In Extension Rod, Object Tracking, Portable and Foldable, Vlogging Stabilizer, YouTube TikTok, Slate Gray

If you’ve ever had to sit through watching shaky video or a friend’s blurry holiday snaps, you’ll already know why gimbals have become a bit of a must-have for anyone capturing images on the move. They hold your phone or camera perfectly still no matter how fast you’re walking or unsteady your hand is.

DJI has been building gimbals into its class-leading drones for years, and the Osmo Mobile 6 brings that 3-axis stabilization technology to a handheld gimbal. Like any gimbal, it takes a bit of practice to learn how to use it effectively, but one that’s done you’ll be shooting rock-steady video with the best of them.

The gimbal connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and uses the DJI Mimo app (on iOS and Android) to enable its high-end features. ActionTrack ensures the subject stays in focus at all times, for instance, and you can shoot panoramas, motion timelapses, and more in real time straight from the app.

Given its advanced features, the Osmo Mobile 6 is surprisingly straightforward to operate. Your phone snaps magnetically into place rather than messing around with manual clamps, and the joystick, dial, and thumb buttons on the handle give full control without having to take your eyes off the action.

Build quality is exceptional, as you’d expect from a premium product like this, and the gimbal is sturdy enough to support even the largest smartphones. Fold-out legs let you use it as a tripod, and unlike most other selfie stick/tripod combos, this one stays firmly in place rather than swaying like a flower in the breeze.

Part of the reason for that stability is the shorter max length: the Osmo Mobile 6 only reaches 19.3 inches at full extension, a far cry from the 25-45″ you get with basic selfie sticks. That’s the sacrifice you’ll make with any gimbal, but does limit the kind of shots you can get.

Given all the technology inside, it’s no surprise that it’s much heavier than your average selfie stick as well, weighing about twelve ounces. It’s pretty compact when folded away, but still, you’ll notice it in your purse or daypack more than other sticks.

There’s no doubt that a high-quality phone gimbal like this is a more specialized tool than your average twenty dollar selfie stick, so be sure that you’ll use the features it has before you splash out. If you know you will, though, you’ll likely be very happy with your purchase!

Looking for something slightly different? We’ve covered several more of the best gimbals for iPhone and Android as well.


  • Impressive stabilization even with fast, jerky movements
  • Advanced features like motion tracking and timelapse
  • Rock-solid even with very large phones


  • Expensive
  • Limited extension
  • Comparatively heavy

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Best Selfie Stick for GoPro Cameras: SANDMARC Pole

SANDMARC Pole - Black Edition: 17-40” Waterproof Extension Pole (Selfie Stick) for GoPro Hero 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, Max, 7, 6, Session, 5, 4, 3 - with Remote Clip

One of the main selling points of GoPro action cameras is their unmatched durability. They let you take high-quality photos and videos in extreme conditions while diving, climbing, or snowboarding, and can take an absolute beating.

Any selfie stick you plan to use with your GoPro needs to do the same, which is why we’ve chosen the Sandmarc Pole as our top pick in this category. With a tank-like aluminum build and rubber handle construction, it’s made to last – and there’s a lifetime warranty that attests to that. 

This stick works with all sorts of GoPro models, but because you can remove the GoPro mount to expose a standard 1/4″ tripod screw, you can also use it with other types of camera, and with the right adapter, even securely attach your phone to it.

The pole is waterproof, making it an excellent option for snorkeling and diving, and the locking mechanism on both the mount and the extension arm is rock solid. This makes it one of the best selfie sticks for snowboarding and other high-speed sports where the risk of a drop or tumble is not small.

The 40-inch maximum length is impressive, especially given how stable the camera remains even when the pole is fully extended. Less exciting is the retracted length – at 17 inches, this is the least portable selfie stick on our list, and a problem if you want something purse-friendly.

If that minimum length is a dealbreaker but you like everything else about the Sandmarc pole, it’s worth considering the Compact model instead. It drops down to a far more stowable ten inches, although you lose quite a bit of maximum length as well: 25″ is as much as you’ll get out of it.

There’s no tripod or Bluetooth remote either, although there is a clip on the handle that’s compatible with certain models of the GoPro remote. Otherwise, you’re using the app to trigger your GoPro, or need to resort to a manual approach.


  • Very durable and well-made
  • 40-inch max length
  • Suitable for high-intensity outdoor and underwater activities


  • Minimum length of 17 inches is unusually long
  • No remote
  • No tripod

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Best Selfie Stick for Portability: Vproof

Vproof Monopod Selfie Stick Bluetooth, Lightweight Monopod Aluminum All in One Extendable Monopod Compact Design, Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max/14 Pro/14/14 Plus, Galaxy S22

While our top pick is quite portable, if you’re looking for something even smaller, the Vproof selfie stick is the most travel-friendly option we’ve come across. It’s a mere 6.5 inches long when collapsed, and weighs just a quarter of a pound. It extends up to 26 inches, which is reasonable for the size and weight.

Build quality is good, with a weather-resistant coating over an aluminum frame that helps keep the stick working and looking better for longer. A button on the handle acts like a non-removeable remote, connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, with a long-lasting (non-rechargeable) battery that’s easy to replace.

While this selfie stick covers the basics and has better build quality than others at this price point, that’s pretty much it. Unlike other models on the list, this one doesn’t have a tripod: that helps justify why the remote is built-in rather than being removeable, but it does mean less flexibility in the shots you take.


  • Smaller and lighter than most
  • Well-constructed
  • Reasonably priced


  • No tripod mode or other features
  • Remote isn’t removable

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