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While some travellers don’t care at all about what’s playing in their ears while they travel, many — including me — definitely do. Whether it’s favourite tunes from home to while away lengthy travel days, special songs that remind you of a particular time and place for years to come, podcasts in the local language to help improve your vocabulary, or anything else, decent earphones or a quality travel speaker are vital to plenty of travellers.

Here’s what we’re recommending in 2017.

Best Earphones and Headphones

It may sound silly, but honestly, a quality set of earphones or headphones is one of the best gear investments I’ve made as a traveller. I use mine all the time on the road — drowning out screaming kids and their screaming parents in airports, relaxing in my hotel room after a long day exploring the city, helping me sleep in noisy accommodation, listening to podcasts on long flights and bus rides, cranking up the productivity with Focus@Will when working in a cafe, and much more.

While you can likely get by with the cheap pair that came with your phone, investing in something better (especially something that blocks out the noise) is absolutely worth doing.

Shure SE215 Sound-Isolating Earphones

Shure SE215

Simply put, the Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones offer great sound at a very reasonable price. I’ve been using them for years, in all kinds of noisy travel situations, and they’ve always pulled through.

The sound isolation, although passive, is enough to drown out low levels of background noise by itself. In reasonably quiet places like cafes and empty terminals, I’ll put them in my ears without plugging them in to block out ambient sounds. When things get louder — onboard a flight, for instance, or an overnight bus with blaring Korean soap operas at 3am — only a low music volume is needed to make the outside world disappear.

Sound quality is very good, offering deep, rich tones and only a small amount of the boosted bass that mars many consumer earphones. I’ve listened to everything from spoken podcasts through relaxation music to hard rock, and very rarely need to change the equalization settings on my phone or laptop.

They’re well-constructed, with thick plugs and cables that don’t split or break, and come with a useful little carry case and three different sizes of earpiece.

They’d be our recommended earphone even at twice the price — for under $100, they’re a steal. After leaving a pair on a plane flying into Bangkok, I had already worked out where to buy replacements before leaving the airport. That’s how much I missed them.

AcousticSheep SleepPhones


The SleepPhones aren’t exactly your typical travel headphones. Looking like the kind of fleece headband you’d typically see joggers wearing, they come in three colours, have a pair of flat speakers embedded in each side, and (if you buy the wired version) a shortish wire that hangs out of the back.

They’re much more comfortable than earplugs or earphones, especially if you sleep with your head on its side. Any normal earbuds I’ve worn in the past end up falling out, although that’s probably for the best — they’ve been too uncomfortable to keep in my ears all night anyway. Using the Sleephones, I’ve been able to fall asleep listening to music or podcasts, and not wake up for several hours. Usefully, the fleece headband can also be used as an eye mask when you’re in a bright room, or if  someone keeps turning on the light.

It can be a bit fiddly to get the speakers aligned perfectly with your ears, and since there’s no noise cancelling, drowning out super-noisy environments might require your music to be so loud, it’s that which keeps you awake instead. Still, the Sleephones are useful, effective and reasonably inexpensive, so we’re happy to recommend them as one of our picks for 2017.

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Best Speakers

You won’t find speakers on every packing list — they’re an extra weight and cost not everyone needs or wants to deal with. For those serious about their travel soundtrack, though, there are hundreds of models to choose from, with some big differences between them. We’ve used a bunch of them, and researched dozens more.

These are the ones we would — or already do — take around the world with us.

Best Small Speaker: Trendwoo Pocket

Trendwoo Pocket Travel Speaker

There are hundreds of small, inexpensive travel speakers out there, and after a while, most of them start to look the same. Physically, the TrendWoo Pocket doesn’t look much different to the competition either, but there are a few extra features on the inside that lift it ahead of the pack.

At roughly 7″ x 2″ x 1″, it fits easily into a small bag or large pocket, is sturdy and looks good. Unusually, though, the size and price of the Trendwoo Pocket doesn’t mean terrible sound and worse battery life. The dual 5W speakers pump out rich tones and decent bass, and you’ll get up to eight hours of playback before having to find a power socket.

Don’t expect to use this speaker for your next dance party, but for individual or small groups, it’s great.

Designed to be taken outdoors, the Trendwoo Pocket is waterproofed and durable, so it can handle a few splashes around the pool without giving up the ghost.  At a mere 8.3 ounces, it’s easy to justify bringing on any trip.

Best Large Speaker: NYNE TT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE TT Bluetooth speaker

I was much more impressed with this speaker than I expected to be. The sound quality was better than any travel speaker I’d used before, and little extra touches like international plugs, a neoprene case and inbuilt USB socket for charging your phone or other gadgets were features I actually used on a regularly basis. With 17W of power and 10 hours of battery life, it’s an impressive piece of gear.

Of course, that quality comes at a cost: size and weight. The NYNE TT, while small for a home speaker, is relatively big when it comes to fitting it in your suitcase. You’ll likely need to be someone who’s serious about their music — or on a road trip or other vacation where space and weight aren’t as much of an issue — to justify carrying it with you.

That said, I’ve managed to find room for it in my bag for over a year while wandering slowly round the world, since the hassle on travel days is made up for by having great-sounding tunes in my hotel rooms and Airbnb apartments the rest of the time.

In short, if you’re looking for a high-quality travel speaker and can make the space in your luggage, it’s well worth filling it with the NYNE TT.

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All product images via respective manufacturers. Main image via NYNE.

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