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The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards of 2023

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Gamers are a picky bunch, that’s for sure! When you take your gaming seriously, your gear needs to be top-notch; not only the internal computer hardware, but the peripherals too. The quality of your gaming mouse, headset, monitor, and keyboard can determine if you win or lose the deciding round in CS: GO or the final nexus battle in LoL.

Wireless gaming accessories have undeniable convenience benefits, especially when you’re using them from your sofa or across multiple devices, but they’re not without their problems.

Because performance is so vital when it comes to gaming peripherals, wireless keyboards in particular have traditionally been frowned upon. Latency can be a big issue: a wireless keyboard is always going to have more lag than a good wired alternative.

Throw in poor battery life, interference, and distance limitations, and you can see why serious gamers have long avoided wireless keyboards. But times have changed! Custom low-latency wireless systems and improved power management, in particular, have made a huge difference.

That’s why we’re comfortable recommending a small range of wireless gaming keyboards that, in our opinion, are the best options for cable-free gaming right now. There are picks for every pocket, which means you’ll likely find something to give you an edge over the competition even if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro
  • Dimensions: 17.8 x 9.8 x 1.7 inches
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Switches: Razer Green or Yellow
  • Connection type: Wireless dongle, Bluetooth 5.0, USB cable
  • RGB: Yes (Razer Chroma)
  • Battery Life: up to 192 hours

Runner-Up, Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard: Corsair K63 Wireless
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 6.8 x 1.6 inches
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Switches: Cherry MX Red
  • Connection type: Wireless dongle, Bluetooth 4.2, USB cable
  • RGB: No
  • Battery Life: up to 75 hours

Best Keyboard and Mouse Wireless Gaming Combo: Razer Turret
  • Dimensions: ‎15.4 x 7.6 x 1.5 inches
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Switches: Razer Green
  • Connection type: Wireless dongle, USB cable
  • RGB: Yes
  • Battery Life: up to 43 hours (keyboard) / 50 hours (mouse)

Best Budget Wireless Gaming Keyboard: Redragon K596 Vishnu
  • Dimensions: ‎15.2 x 8.6 inches
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Switches: Red Linear
  • Connection type: Wireless dongle, USB cable
  • RGB: Yes
  • Battery Life: up to 10 hours

Wireless Gaming Keyboard with Best Customization: Royal Kludge RK84
  • Dimensions: ‎12.4 x 4.9 x 1.5 inches
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Switches: Red, blue, or brown
  • Connection type: Wireless dongle, Bluetooth, USB cable
  • RGB: Yes
  • Battery Life: up to 200 hours

Best One-Handed Wireless Keyboard For FPS Games: Redragon K585 DITI
  • Dimensions: ‎11.0 x 9.0 x 2.0 inches
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Switches: Outemu blue or brown
  • Connection type: Wireless dongle, USB cable
  • RGB: Yes
  • Battery Life: up to 20 hours

What to Look For

All of the wireless keyboards we selected for this article were picked with one thing in mind: gaming. For that reason, many good wireless keyboards haven’t made the list, simply because they lacked features that gamers find important. Here’s what we looked for:


Responsiveness is vital, as having a laggy keyboard is one of the best ways to have a breakdown while playing action games. That’s why we had zero tolerance for latency. When you take into consideration that gamers press several keys at once, this becomes even more important.

That’s also why all of the gaming keyboards we picked needed to have an anti-ghosting feature, which ensures all pressed keys are registered, no matter how many are hit at the same time.

Mechanical Keys 

When compared to membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards are far superior. Keys with mechanical switches have much better feedback, are more responsive, precise, and comfortable, plus last far longer. 

Some mechanical keyboards can also be customized, letting you replace the switches to better suit your preferences. Keyboards that let you choose the switch types at purchase are always preferable, but having the option of changing them afterward is useful as well.

Multimedia and Macro Keys 

Multimedia keys let you change and mute/unmute the audio or switch songs without interrupting gameplay. That’s undoubtedly useful, but programmable macro keys are something gamers cherish even more.

Macro keys can be pre-programmed to replace typing a whole sequence of keystrokes. This is handy for something as simple as entering GTA cheats, or far more complex actions. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for instance, you might program one key for buying smoke grenades, and another for muting/unmuting voice chat. In MMORPGs, macro keys are helpful for quickly casting spells or drinking potions. 

Just make sure you aren’t using them against the rules when playing online. Many PvP games prohibit using macros to replace several keystrokes, for instance, as it gives an enormous advantage over other players.


RGB lighting looks fantastic, and that’s pretty much it. Because it’s only a visual improvement and has no influence on performance, it’s something to consider but shouldn’t be a crucial factor in your selection.

There are differences between RGB lighting, too. Some keyboards allow total customization, letting you program the lighting however you want. Others only have pre-set configurations.

As we said, RGB is purely visual, boosting the price and dropping the battery life without adding anything to performance. As a result, we noted whether a given keyboard had RGB lighting and what options it had, but didn’t give it much weight in our decision-making.

Battery Life

It is always a good idea to have a keyboard that can withstand hours of intensive play without having to worry about running out of juice. Nearly all of the models we selected have good battery life, and all let you play wired so you can plug in and keep going even when the battery dies. That defeats the purpose of buying a wireless keyboard, of course, but it’s better than losing the game!

Additional Features 

We tried to cover a broad spectrum of gamers, including keyboards with a wide range of features. You’ll find models that are great for couch gaming, and gaming-focused keyboards that are good for everyday typing as well.

Some are highly customizable or designed for maximum comfort, while others are ideal for smaller spaces and carrying in your backpack. A few also have Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you use them across many different device types.


Gaming equipment is expensive, and keyboards are no exception. There are still differences, though, and the most expensive model on this list costs almost $200 more than the cheapest one! Whether that’s worth it or not is up to you.

Keyboards alone, although important, won’t win you any games on their own. A gaming mouse can impact your gameplay even more, especially if you play FPS. Having a good monitor will not only make gaming more comfortable, but will save your eyes too. There’s no need to mention how vital CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, and other computer parts are. 

Our friendly advice is to think twice before splurging on a gaming peripheral: go for the most expensive models only if you already have a gaming setup you’re happy with, or you just want to treat yourself. If not, first things first: upgrade from the inside out. That will have the most significant impact on your gaming experience.

With that out of the way, lets get into the recommendations!

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard: Green Mechanical Switches - Tactile & Clicky - Chroma RGB Lighting - Doubleshot ABS Keycaps - Transparent Switch Housing - Bluetooth/2.4GHz

All that Razer does is make premium gaming equipment, and the BlackWidow V3 Pro is precisely that: an exceptional, high-quality gaming keyboard. For a variety of reasons, it’s our pick as the best wireless gaming keyboard out there right now.


This full-sized keyboard has great connectivity options. You can wirelessly connect to it via a USB dongle for the lowest latency, but also use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to your phone or tablet. There’s also a USB wired connection that lets you charge and play at the same time. 

The Razer HyperSpeed dongle, which will likely be your primary connection type for gaming, works flawlessly. Connections are fast and reliable, to the point where you won’t notice any difference between a premium wired keyboard and the BlackWidow V3 Pro.

Keys and Build Quality

The BlackWidow is a mechanical keyboard, and you’ve got a choice of two types of switch: green versions, which are tactile and clicky, and yellow ones, which are linear and silent. 

Razer prides itself on its green switches, suggesting they provide the best feedback for gamers while also being good for typing. They’re similar to Cherry MX Blue, but faster and more responsive. If you don’t like noisy keyboards, though, get the yellow switch version. The doubleshot keycaps are also impressive, and feel fantastic under your fingers.

The BlackWidow V3 Pro is built to last, with an aluminum top for improved durability. The doubleshot keycaps will remain intact even after thousands of hours of gaming with greasy fingers that have been regularly dipped into a bucket of KFC between frags. 🙂 

There’s also a magnetic wrist rest that, unlike some competitor’s versions, is very plush and comfortable. While it would be better if you could fix it to the keyboard, it feels excellent and adds to the premium feel of this keyboard.


The BlackWidow V3 Pro is, well, black. That’s until you turn the light show on, and that’s where the keyboard really shines! 

If you haven’t blacklisted our site yet after reading those dirt-cheap puns, you’ll be glad to hear the BlackWidow V3 Pro has excellent RGB, even by Razer standards. Transparent keys let the light through, and the keyboard looks amazing when lit up.

You can preset Chroma RGB profiles, customizing the look in endless detail via the Razer Synapse app. If you are an RGB fanatic, you will love the amount of freedom this keyboard offers.

Battery and Additional Features

The Razer Synapse app lets you program keys however you please, and the keyboard also has multimedia buttons, including a dedicated volume wheel that sits out from the side. Unfortunately there are no macro keys, which is the biggest flaw of this keyboard, especially given the price.

Battery life is excellent, with over ten hours of non-stop gameplay even at the highest RGB brightness and rainbow settings, and anything up to 192 hours with all lighting disabled. As we mentioned, you can play while charging the keyboard via USB, so don’t worry: even a flat battery won’t force you from your gaming chair!


Besides the few minor issues we mentioned earlier, the Razer BlackWidowo V3 Pro has another potential problem for some buyers: the price. This keyboard is by far the most expensive on our list, and is really a splurge.

So, why is the most expensive keyboard with some flaws the best one? Simply because even though it’s not perfect, it stands head and shoulders above the pack due to its premium built quality, comfortable wrist rest, excellent responsiveness, good battery life, and impressive RGB options.

If you can justify the cost, this is the wireless gaming keyboard to buy. It’s as simple as that.

  • Terrific responsiveness for lag-free gaming
  • Excellent keys
  • Detailed RGB customization
  • Good connectivity (USB dongle, Bluetooth, wired)
  • Solid battery life
  • Expensive
  • No macro keys
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Runner-Up, Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard: Corsair K63 Wireless

Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, backlit Blue LED, Cherry MX Red - Quiet & Linear

For us, it was a close call between the Corsair K63 and Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro for the title of best wireless gaming keyboard. TL;DR for those short on time: if you don’t have the money for the BlackWidow but still want a great wireless gaming keyboard, buy the Corsair K63 instead.

Taking the price/quality ratio into consideration, the K63 is an outstanding buy. It has everything a gamer needs: great responsiveness, excellent keys, programmable buttons, and impressive battery life, at a comparatively affordable price. 

Performance and Connectivity

You can connect the K63 via a USB cable, Bluetooth, or a wireless 2.4Ghz dongle with 1ms latency. This fast wireless connectivity is the #1 reason why we like this model so much, since it means keyboard lag will never interfere with your gaming.

That wireless connection includes 128-bit encryption, so you can rest assured that nobody can eavesdrop on your typing as you relentlessly pound the WASD keys. 

Keys and Build Quality

Cherry MX Reds with gold contacts are as good as it gets when it comes to mechanical switches for gaming. They’re fast, responsive, and very precise, providing excellent tactile feedback. If you need to use the keyboard for general typing, they are a good choice for that as well.

The keys have a large, highly-visible font and look great even with the backlight off. The only real downside is that if you don’t like Cherry MX Red switches for some reason, you’re out of luck: they’re the only option.

The build quality of the Corsair K63 is good although since it’s entirely plastic, it doesn’t have the premium feel of the BlackWidow. There’s a detachable hard plastic wrist rest, so you can use it if you want to and remove it if you don’t.

Even though the design is tenkeyless (ie, there’s no number pad,) buttons are sensibly placed, and the layout won’t feel strange if you use the keyboard for typing as well.


The Corsair K63 does have attractive blue LED lighting, but there are no RGB options. If you need your keyboard to be lit up like a battleship, this will be a drawback. It won’t affect your gaming performance in any way, though, so it’s really a personal preference as to how much this matters.

Battery and Additional Features

The K63 doesn’t have dedicated macro keys, but you can program any key to turn it into a macro key, which is a reasonable compromise. It also has conveniently placed media buttons, allowing easy access mid-game. 

Battery life is impressive: with full lighting on, you can expect up to 20 hours of play. Turn the lights off, and you’ll get closer to 75 hours from a single charge. 


Excellent responsiveness paired with great battery life and Cherry MX Red mechanical switches makes the Corsair K63 stand out. Sure, there’s no RGB, and we don’t love the all-plastic build, but if you are looking for an impressive wireless gaming keyboard without the cost of the BlackWidow V3 Pro, the Corsair K63 is the automatic choice.

  • Outstanding responsiveness
  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fully programmable keys
  • No RGB
  • No dedicated macro keys
  • All-plastic build feels a bit cheap
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Best Keyboard and Mouse Wireless Gaming Combo: Razer Turret

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S: Chroma RGB/Dynamic Lighting - Retractable Magnetic Mouse Mat - 40hr Battery, Classic Black

Tracking down a good wireless keyboard and mouse gaming combo isn’t easy. Most of the wireless keyboards with mice are intended for office or general home use, and are far from ideal for gaming. 

The Razer Turret is a purebred wireless gaming combo that works just as well from the couch as it does on a desk, making it a great option for both Xbox One and PC. This high-end combination is essentially a Razer BlackWidow keyboard paired with the company’s Mamba mouse, although it’s not named that way.

Platforms, Performance, and Connectivity

The Razer Turret is made both for Xbox One and PC use. That’s because the Xbox One enabled mouse and keyboard support, and Razer released Turret with the console in mind. A dedicated Xbox key is there for easy access to the Xbox One dashboard. 

It has to be said that XBox One support is limited so far, in terms of the number of games that support mouse and keyboard. That has nothing to do with Razer, of course, and the number of supported games will grow over time as developers start adjusting.

Although the Turret is made for Xbox, users report that it can be used with the PS4 or PS5 if you pick a game that supports mouse and keyboard. You’ll have to take their word on this, as it’s not officially supported.

The keyboard doesn’t have Bluetooth: you can connect via a cable, or wirelessly via the 2.4Ghz USB dongle. There’s a single dongle for both keyboard and mouse. The connection is stable and has a good range, which is vital for couch gaming.

Keys and Build Quality

The Turret has the same Razer mechanical green switches as the Blackwidow Pro mentioned above, which give excellent feedback and are pretty loud. They’re good for typing as well, although you’re unlikely to be writing many essays from your sofa.

The build quality is excellent, which is important for a couch gaming combo that’s likely to get a harder time than a desk-based version. The keyboard is tenkeyless, unsurprising for a lapboard model: you need to have enough room for the mouse. The keyboard is made of aluminum and has a premium feel, while the mouse is standard plastic.

The mouse mat is retractable, which is ideal for using the keyboard on your desk or table without a mat. When in use, the tray is very stable, and it is magnetized to keep the mouse from falling off. There’s also a fixed wrist wrest.

The retractable mat is the best thing about the Razer Turret, and helps lift it above the competition for sofa-based gaming. The Corsair K63 lapboard, for example, is an excellent gaming option, but it’s just too big to comfortably use on the couch.

The Razer Turret has a much more convenient and flexible design, making it not just the best couch gaming combo, but the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for gaming overall.


The Turret keyboard includes Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting system, so you get 16.8 million colors to play with and full customization via Xbox or PC apps. Those apps also let you remap buttons and create macros, although there are no dedicated macro keys.


The 16,000 DPI mouse is terrific, with a simple design that’s been a favorite among gamers for a long time: two mouse buttons, a scroll wheel, two thumb buttons, and DPI control, that’s it.

The mouse looks just like Razer’s famous Mamba model, all-black with a colored Razer logo and light coming from the scroll wheel. You can customize the color of the logo/scroll wheel to match your keyboard.

The mouse is excellent, comfortable, responsive, and precise. As a gaming mouse, it is bigger than most of those you find at the office but sits comfortably in most hands. The build quality is also excellent, and while the magnetic mouse pad prevents it from falling very often, you can expect it to survive the drop when it does.

Battery and Additional Features

Both the mouse and keyboard have very long lasting batteries. Razer claims you can expect 10-40 hours of keyboard playtime depending on the RGB settings, while the mouse will last 30-50 hours on a single charge.

You can charge the keyboard and mouse via USB and continue playing, although this is unlikely to be super practical when playing on your couch. The keyboard has passthrough charging, at least, so you can charge both devices from a single USB port.


All in all, this is the best keyboard and mouse combo for gaming. You essentially get a BlackWidow keyboard and a Mamba mouse, which both have a proven track record and are favorites among gamers. It’s not cheap, but you get a lot for your money.

There are a few minor flaws, but they’re nothing compared to everything this combo gets right, which is why we warmly recommend the Razer Turret.

  • Phenomenal retractable mouse mat
  • Excellent Razer green switches
  • Reliable mouse with a proven design and quality
  • Good RGB options
  • Long battery life
  • Fixed wrist rest
  • Pricey, although you get a lot for your money

Best Budget Wireless Gaming Keyboard: Redragon K596 Vishnu

Redragon K596 Vishnu 2.4G Wireless/Wired RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 87 Keys TKL Compact Keyboard w/Durable Battery, 10 Onboard Macro Keys & Wrist Rest, 10H Play Time, Red Switches

If you’re looking for the best value for money in a wireless gaming keyboard, Vishnu has answered your prayers.

Mechanical red switches, RGB lighting, great battery, macros, and a wrist rest, all in a sensible tenkeyless design with a more than affordable price tag?

Namaste Vishnu!

Performance and Connectivity 

You can connect the Redragon K596 Vishnu wirelessly via a 2.4GHz USB dongle, or a USB Type C cable that also charges the device. The wireless connection is excellent, stable, and lag-free, with good range. There’s no Bluetooth connection, however.

Keys and Build Quality

The Redragon K596 Vishnu has Red Linear mechanical switches. These are very light and responsive under your fingers, and are ideal for action-packed FPS and MOBA games. There are no other options, however, which might be a problem for those who aren’t big fans of red switches.

The build quality of this keyboard is OK if you consider its price range. It’s a plastic product, though, so don’t expect too much when it comes to durability and fine details. It has a magnetic wrist rest, which holds in place nicely, but is made of hard plastic and isn’t particularly comfortable.


The Redragon Vishnu looks very nice when fully lit, with light coming from the sides as well as through the keys. You don’t have the same amount of freedom when creating your own RGB setup that you get with more expensive keyboards, but the 23 RGB modes are still enough to keep things interesting.

Battery and Additional Features

The Vishnu has a 3000mAh battery, which promises up to 10 hours of playtime. But “up to” means with lighting off: if you keep everything turned on, you won’t get anywhere near that. You can play wired, sure, but the battery life isn’t one of Vishnu’s strengths.

When it comes to additional features, however, that’s another story. First, the Vishnu has five dedicated macro buttons on the left side, easily accessible with your left hand during games. There are five more at the top of the keyboard as well. You can program macros however you want, even during play, or use Redragon software for more advanced tuning.

The keyboard also has dedicated media controls and a very cool volume wheel that you don’t often see on budget keyboards.


The Vishnu gives a lot for the money, albeit with a few minor flaws. When compared with the most expensive models on this list, sure, there’s no comparison. If you’re looking for a true gaming wireless mechanical keyboard costing far less than $100, however, the Redragon K596 Vishnu is the one to get.

  • Great value for money
  • Good performance
  • Mechanical red switches
  • Solid RGB customization
  • Red switches the only option
  • Mediocre battery life
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Wireless Gaming Keyboard with Best Customization: Royal Kludge RK84

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK84 Wireless RGB 75% Triple Mode BT5.0/2.4G/USB-C Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard, 84 Keys Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard w/High-Capacity Battery, Quiet Red Switch

If you want a keyboard that gives you plenty of freedom, letting you customize keys on the fly and connect however you like, you want the Royal Kludge RK84.

It’s a tenkeyless RGB keyboard with attractive looks and a wide array of options.

Performance and Connectivity

The biggest flaw of the Royal Kludge RK84 (other than the company’s unusual name) is the range of its dongle-based wireless connection. If you’re buying a wireless keyboard because you want to control your PC/TV from afar via a USB dongle, this isn’t the one to buy. 

Sure, if you’re a couple of feet away from the dongle, the connection will work just fine, but much more than that and you’ll likely end up with lag and missed keystrokes. You can turn the 2.4 GHz connection on or offvia a dedicated switch, which is useful for saving battery. If you can, keep it off.

Fortunately, Bluetooth connections are a different story. Stable and reliable, even at longer ranges, the RK84 has two Bluetooth modes (3.0 and 5.0) that let you pair with up to three devices and switch between them with the tap of a button.

This makes the RK84 a versatile option, letting you type effectively on tablets, smartphones, TVs, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device when you’re not using it for gaming.

The USB C cable lets you use the keyboard in wired mode, and it also charges the device. While in wired mode, two passthrough ports let you connect a mouse, charge your phone, or connect peripherals such as headsets and USB sticks, using only a single USB connection on your computer.

Keys and Build Quality

Besides the various connectivity options, the RK84 has an abundance of customization choices. We like how the keyboard comes in both black and white, the latter of which looks particularly good with RGB lighting turned on.

The key distinguishing feature of the Royal Kludge RK84 is hot-swappable switches, meaning you can swap between 3-pin and 5-pin switches without any soldering. This provides more freedom than any other keyboard on the list, allowing you to create a completely custom keyboard for your specific requirements. 

The keyboard comes with either red, blue, or brown switches, but you can later replace them with your own. Dissembling the keyboard and accessing the switches is super easy, mainly because it comes with a convenient tool for removing the keycaps.

The compact 80% keyboard design cuts out unnecessary space but retains full sizes for all of the keys. This approach works well, although it might take a bit of time to get used to. The built-in keyboard legs retract if you don’t want to use them, and two magnetic pad foots increase the angle if you prefer to type and play that way. There’s no wrist rest. 

The keyboard is made of plastic, but feels decently sturdy despite that. There’s also an aluminum option, the RK84 Pro, but it’s noticeably more expensive.       


This keyboard looks great with the lighting turned on, especially the white model. Each key has its own light source, and we like that you can choose solid color lighting as well, with seven options available. There are also 21 RGB presets with limited customization.

The RK84 software isn’t the best, to put it mildly, but you can happily use the keyboard without it. It’s not needed for changing RGB profiles either, which is a plus. Assuming you can put up with it, the software lets you to customize RGB, brightness level, and more, but you need to be in wired mode to use it.

Battery and Additional Features

The 3750mAh battery capacity on the RK84 is more than many competitors, and translates to anything up to 200 hours of use with RGB turned off. If you keep lighting on and use the Bluetooth connection, the battery won’t last as long, but it’s still decent.

There are a couple of minor issues, though: no battery indicator to tell you how much juice is left, and a charging time of up to seven hours, which is a bit slow.

The keyboard’s clumsy software will let you program buttons however you like, even setting up groups and creating macros. There are no dedicated macro or multimedia buttons, however. 


The RK84 does many things well, albeit with one major flaw: that 2.4 GHz dongle connection. If you’re only planning to use the Bluetooth connection, however, or you want all those customization options and don’t mind the short wireless range, this remains is a good option.

  • Hot-swap key switching
  • Many customization options
  • USB dongle, wired, and Bluetooth connection
  • Unreliable wireless dongle connection at longer ranges
  • Poor software
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Best One-Handed Wireless Keyboard For FPS Games: Redragon K585 DITI

Redragon K585 DITI Wireless One-Handed Mechanical Keyboard, 42 Keys 2.4Ghz RGB 40% Gaming Keypad with 7 Onboard Macro Keys, Detachable Wrist Support, Durable Battery (Red Switch)

While most gamers find the keyboard number pad useless, FPS fanatics take things a step further: they find everything between the G key and the mouse surplus to requirements. 

Redragon completely understands that, which is why it made the K585 DITI. A true FPS maniac will use their right hand only for the mouse (at least while gaming) and their left claw only for WASD and surrounding keys, nothing else. 

What happens when you need to use team chat, you may wonder? You press a macro button bound to your microphone, of course. You shouldn’t be chatting while shooting anyway, amateur!

Performance and Connectivity

The K585 DITI only has a dongle-based wireless connection, which is understandable since this keyboard’s only purpose is (FPS) gaming: there’s not much value in Bluetooth here. The wireless connection is stable, and you won’t notice performance dips on the battlefield. Redragon picked USB C for charging and wired play.

Keys and Build Quality

You’ve got three switch choices with this keyboard: red, brown, and blue. That’s impressive and quite surprising, as even some full-sized premium gaming keyboards don’t allow this much variety. The build quality is pretty good for a fully plastic keyboard, with a grainy finish that we like.

Keys feel good under the fingers and are sensibly spaced. There are 42 keys in total, and even though the DITI seems small, it’s actually 40% of the size of a regular keyboard. There’s a magnetic wrist rest as well, which is a nice touch, but it’s not the most comfortable.


Even though the DITI is a 40% keyboard, it still has RGB lighting. Only the spacebar isn’t RGB, as it serves as a battery charging indicator instead.

There are seven RGB profiles, but the customization is relatively limited compared to some other models on the list. Considering its purpose, however, that’s completely understandable, and we don’t mind the lack of RGB options that much.

Battery and Additional Features

The keyboard has a 3000mAh battery, which is impressive for its size. That means you can get up to 20 hours of play with RGB on, depending on the settings. It takes around 10 hours for the battery to charge fully, though. Make sure you do it overnight so it’s ready to go in the morning.

The DITI lets you program 28 of the buttons, turning them into macros. It also has four conveniently placed dedicated macro buttons on the left side and one macro above the spacebar, which you’ll most likely use for the return key. 

You can record and switch between macro profiles on the fly, even mid-game, as DITI has dedicated buttons for this at the top of the keyboard. This way, you can pre-set four macro profiles, having one for each game you play.

Given the limitations of a one-handed gaming keyboard, it’s imperative to have this many programmable buttons, and Redragon did an excellent job with DITI.


One-handed gaming keyboards are somewhat a luxury. You’ll need to have another keyboard as well, since you can’t use them for other purposes and they aren’t suitable for all types of games either.

Even so, there are some cases where one-handed keyboards actually save you money. For example, if you only play FPS games, you can buy the DITI and an affordable membrane keyboard to go with it. That way, you’ll have a quality mechanical keyboard for your favorite FPS titles and a solid budget companion for everything less important. Like typing.

Laptop gamers will also find the DITI useful: not only will you have a better gaming experience, but you’ll also save your laptop keyboard from damage, extending the lifespan of your machine.

  • Solid build quality for a keyboard in this price range
  • Red, blue, or brown switches
  • Dedicated macro keys, 28 programable buttons in total
  • Good battery life
  • Only suitable for FPS games
  • Wrist rest isn’t the best
  • Limited RGB options
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We hope this article provided something that matches your gaming needs, no matter how high or low your budget. Whether you are looking for a full-sized premium beast like the BlackWidow, a one-hander like the DITI, the budget-friendly Vishnu, or anything in between, there’s a wireless gaming keyboard here for everyone.

Now it’s time to pick your favorite model from the list and start playing. A new keyboard by itself won’t help you climb those ranking ladders, but combining it with a few hundred hours of your life just might!

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