Slovenia is one of those countries that many travellers haven’t really heard of, and even fewer consider visiting.

That’s a real shame — the capital of Ljubljana is one of my favourite European cities, with wonderful coloured buildings throughout the old town, a lively bar and restaurant scene along the river and a restored castle towering over it all, visible from almost anywhere.

Elsewhere in this small country lie beautiful lakes, caves and mountains, and even beaches along the Adriatic coast. There’s certainly plenty to see.

Although Wi-fi is reasonably prevalent in bars and cafes in Ljubljana, having a local SIM card will help you stay connected in other parts of Slovenia. Fortunately, pricing is reasonable and coverage is excellent — at least if you pick the right company.

Here’s what you need to know.



  • We recommend Izimobil for most travellers

There are four cell networks in Slovenia, plus a few resellers. Best coverage is on the Telekom Slovenije network, which covers close to 100% of the country. Si.mobil also has good coverage, but the other two networks have noticeably less.

I opted for Izimobil, which uses the excellent Telekom Slovenije network at a cheaper rate. Note that LTE isn’t available with Izimobil — it’s 2G and 3G only.


The purchase and setup process was extremely simple. I tracked down the bright orange Izimobil sign outside a tiny store near the main town square in Ljubljana, and the woman behind the counter spoke excellent English.

Izimobil store in Ljubljana

Although various prepaid options were available, I chose the call, text and data package she suggested. After checking which kind of SIM card I needed (the options were nano, or standard/micro), the staff member swapped it out and ran through the setup process.

After sending a text to activate the SIM and entering the APN details (which are necessary for data services), I was handed back my phone and SIM pack, and was out the door in less than five minutes. There was no need to show any form of identification.

In case you happen to buy your SIM from someone who doesn’t set it up for you, here are the details you need to do it yourself.

In case you happen to buy your SIM from someone who doesn’t set it up for you, here are the details you need to do it yourself.

To activate the Izimobil SIM, send: Podatki doma to 4008

To activate the data and calls package, send: Izimesec m to 3388.

Name: izimobil

APN: izimobil


Port: 8080

Username: izimobil

Password: izimobil


I paid €8.90 for the SIM card with 600 minutes of national calls, 600 local SMS, and 600MB of data, valid for 28 days. The packaging suggested this was a special for new customers, but the validity period of this ‘special’ was unclear.

If this deal is no longer available, the standard package is a less impressive €6.90 for 150 minutes, calls and MB. You can add extra data for €5 for 500MB, €9 for 1GB and €15 for 2GB, by texting DATA5, DATA9 or DATA15 to 3388.

All pricing information is available in Slovenian — just run it through Google Translate if necessary.


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You can buy top-ups anywhere you see the Izimobil sign. There’s a store locator here — keep the default Kartice za polnjenje option selected to see everywhere that can sell you credit.


Coverage was rock-solid in and around Ljubljana, and everywhere else I tried it in Slovenia. Given that the network used by Izimobil covers nearly the entire country, you shouldn’t have a problem staying connected almost anywhere.

Izimobil 3G speed in Ljubljana

Izimobil 3G speed in Ljubljana

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