CES 2013 Part 3 – Travel Tech Security

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It’s that time of year again, where manufacturers try and strut their stuff in an attempt to woo geeks and non-geeks alike at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Newer, better, faster… that’s typically the name of the game.  In this final instalment, we talk security.

The party is all over, but we’ve seen a lot to whet the appetites of travelers.  Let’s get to it.

Security for Your Travel Gadgets

What good are gadgets and your important data if you lose them on the way or at your destination?  The answer?  Not much.

Pass Through Security With Ease

k-backpack-tmaAirport security is a pain even without electronics, but if you have a laptop and need to dig it out, it’s even worse.

The Contour Overnight Backpack from Kensington stakes it’s claim to fame on a laptop pouch in the front of the pack that opens a cool 180 degrees.  The idea here is to unzip the laptop compartment, flip it all the way open, and send it through the x-ray as is without needing to remove your laptop.

There is a pouch for liquids, and handles for the backpack to fit onto your rolling luggage for the business traveler.  Score one for anything that makes security less painful.  That said, the jury is still out how the antsiest of airport security checkpoints deal with this.

The Contour Overnight Backpack will retail for $89.99 and will be on sale soon.

Encrypted and Rugged Hard Drives

rocstor-amphibious-X5-tmaIf you’re looking to protect your data to the nth degree, Rocstor has an external hard drive for you.  The updated Amphibious X5 is a ruggedized drive with fast, real-time hardware encryption that requires a PIN that you type right into the device.

The shock absorbent case gives the internal drive a bit of extra padding from the inevitable tumbles, and the aircraft-grade aluminum border along the sides will keep it safe from packing too tight in your luggage.

Rocstor’s 256bit encryption meets the needs of the Canadian and American governments with NIST and FIPS certifications, so hopefully that is good enough for your word documents.

The updated Amphibious X5 will be available in February.

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More VPN Choices

We like to talk the about the virtues of a VPN for travelers around here, and the new iTwin Connect gives you another option to connect to the internet securely.

The difference with the iTwin Connect is that it is a two-part hardware-based device.  It’s comprised of two small USB sticks, and let you connect either to their own servers as a traditional VPN service would, or to a host computer of your choice.

Plug one of the sticks into your computer at home, and one into your laptop as you travel, and your internet connection will be securely routed through your home PC.  This will give you an added level of security, and help you bypass any geo-location restrictions.

Finally, you only have a one-time cost, instead of a monthly fee you have with a traditional VPN service.

The iTwin Connect is available now for an MSRP of $129, or $99 at Amazon.com

Hope you enjoyed our coverage of CES 2013.  Did you have any favourite products that came across the radar?

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