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The Dual SIM Solution

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In my previous post I spoke about your options if you couldn’t (or just plain didn’t want to!) pick up a local SIM when you touch down overseas. Sometimes there might be valid reasons to keep your usual number functioning, especially for those people who don’t read your out of office emails with your new number on properly and insist on still calling it.

On my most recent trip, I came back and put my usual SIM in, only to find out that my local telco had helpfully misplaced some text messages that were sent to me while I was away. Yet another reason why you may want to keep you ‘home’ number active but also use a local number in the country you happen to be in.

So without carrying around multiple phones like a modern day Don Juan hoping to avoid detection by the missus, what other options does one have? In this post I’ll look at one possible solution, the Dual SIM phone.

Samsung C3222Dual SIM phones essentially do what they say on the tin, and allow you to incorporate two SIM cards into one handset unit. This means you can insert two GSM SIM Cards and have both active at the same time, effectively eliminating the need to carry two phones in your pocket.

Some phones allow you to make and receive two calls at the same time. You can also set them up so your ‘home’ SIM can switch off data roaming while you’re away, eliminating those horrendous bills that you didn’t even know you were racking up!

Initially, dual-SIM adapters were made available to use in regular mobile phones to allow them to contain two SIMs, and to switch from one to the other as required. This combination is called a standby dual-SIM phone.

More recently, some phones have been produced that can work with two simultaneously active SIMs. These are called active dual-SIM phones.

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These days you can get dual SIM phones from the well-known manufacturers as well as some lesser-known manufacturers, primarily from China. I’ve listed a few examples of Dual SIM phones below, but there are literally dozens of other models available on Amazon:

  • Nokia (110, 112)
  • Samsung (C3782, C6712, Chat 3222)
  • DualSIM (Mini)
  • Zeus (A3)
  • Karbonn (KT-21)
  • Xage (M738)
  • H888

And…if you’re one of those people who always has to go one step further, and two SIM cards is just not enough – You can now find triple SIM phones! Examples include the Akai Trio, LG A290, Cect V678, and the G’FIVE G303.

So, time to get rid of Too Many Mobiles. Happy dialing!

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    I have not in fact used a dual sim phone, but from what others have told me the two sims frequently do not play well together. The best option might be to switch to some sort of internet based messaging service or maybe Skype.

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