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Are You a Tech-Loving Travel Writer? We’re Hiring!

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Are you a traveler, tech geek, and writer? We’re hiring!

What’s the Job?

We’re looking for two or three freelance writers to help expand the breadth and depth of travel technology coverage on the site. There’s scope for several different kinds of article: reviews, best-ofs, how-to guides, real-world experiences, opinion pieces, and more.

You’ll be expected to come up with story ideas each month, and discuss them with me. We’ll refine those ideas together, and you’ll then need to write and submit the articles, along with appropriate images, by an agreed deadline.

Article length always varies by topic, but as a rough guide, expect to submit 1000-1500+ words per piece. You’ll also be expected to reply to comments on your articles as appropriate.

Writing the kind of detailed, high-quality pieces we’re looking for takes time. These aren’t ‘bash it out in half an hour’ types of articles. Based on this, and from previous experience, we typically don’t ask anyone to submit more than one article a week, with most writers submitting two or three per month.

All going well, we’re looking for an ongoing commitment. We’ll pay for all published articles at the start of the following month.

Who We’re Looking For

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In short, we’re looking for frequent travelers with a high degree of tech knowledge and strong previous writing experience for a general audience. Since travel tech can encompass many things, for this position we’re open to a wide range of interests and expertise.

It doesn’t particularly matter whether you’re an Apple fangirl, a lover of all things Google, a Microsoft diehard, or anything else, as long as you’ve got a genuine passion for travel and technology.

What does matter, though, is being able to see through the eyes of others. Our audience consists mainly of travelers who want to use and make the most of their tech gear when they travel, but aren’t highly-technical themselves.

Your job is to make their lives easier, by taking the sometimes-bewildering world of travel tech, explaining concepts and problems, and providing solutions, in a way they can easily understand.

Keeping things understandable, though, doesn’t mean ‘dumbing down’, and it definitely doesn’t mean dull writing. Having strong opinions and wearing your heart on your sleeve is welcome and appreciated, as long as you can back everything up with evidence.

We’re fortunate not to have many trolls showing up in the comments here, but informed readers who disagree with you will definitely appear from time to time. You’re unlikely to change their minds — that’s rarely how things work anywhere on the Internet — but you do need to be able to explain your thinking.

Being able to consistently come up with story ideas, month after month, is vital to this role. Have a think about that aspect — can you come up with a half a dozen good topics right off the bat?

Equally important is hitting your deadlines. I can’t emphasise this enough. Our content schedule relies on our writers submitting their articles on time. Obviously we’re more aware than most that  ‘shit happens’ when you’re traveling, and that’s fine. If it’s happening regularly, though, it’s less fine.

Ideally you’ll have solid experience creating content in WordPress, as all articles are submitted using it. English doesn’t have to be your native language, but you need to be fully fluent in it, including the tech vocabulary. Excellent spelling and grammar are expected.

How to Apply

First off, if you’re not familiar with the site already, browse around and read a few articles. This will give you an idea of both our style and the topics we’ve already covered, and help you decide whether you think you’ll be a good fit.

If you are, great! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Head over to the contact form to submit your application. Put “Freelance Writing — <your name>” as the subject. Double-check your email address — if you make a typo, we’ve no way of replying to you!
  • Tell us a bit about yourself. What gets you excited when it comes to tech? And travel? And anything else in life? What makes you particularly great for this role?
  • Outline your writing experience. If you’ve got a blog or other site of your own, pick a few pieces that you think show off your best work. If you contribute elsewhere, again, choose some of your favorite or best articles you’ve written, and link to them.
  • What’s the one article you’d most like to write? Bonus points for a catchy headline!
  • If you’ve got a pay rate in mind, feel free to say what it is. We pay per piece rather than per word.
  • Got any questions? Drop those in there as well.

If you make it through to the shortlist, I’ll ask you to come up a few other article ideas, and we’ll pick one for you to write up, before making the final decision. Of course, if the article is one we can publish, you’ll get paid for it regardless.

The deadline for applications is the end of the month: Sunday June 30, 2019, so please apply by then if you think this role sounds right for you. Even if you’re not applying, we’d really appreciate if you shared this opportunity around — the more people see it, the better the end results!

Thanks everyone. 🙂

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