Hammocks and Hard Drives
The Tech Guide for Digital Nomads

Do you work from the road? Have you been thinking about it?

Being location-independent sounds attractive, after all — spending a couple of hours a day lying in a hammock beside the beach, tapping away on a laptop and watching the money and waves roll in. The reality, of course, is a little different.

  • Hours spent searching for Wi-fi that’s too slow to use anyway
  • Client phone calls dropping out at the vital moment
  • Power cuts corrupting your files and frying your electronics
  • Ants crawling out of the keyboard as you type
  • Gear that refuses to work properly when you need it most
  • Days wasted trying to find the right app for the job
  • Cables that don’t work, plugs that fall out and never, ever having enough power sockets

Sound familiar?

Let Me Help

I’ve been running this tech site for travellers for over five years, and working from the road far longer than that. If you’ve been reading Too Many Adapters for a while, you’ll know we’ve always provided plenty of tips and tricks for staying connected, keeping things running and making the most of your technology while travelling.

Now I’ve taken things to the next level, drawing on all of that knowledge and experience to provide the ultimate tech resource for those who travel and work online. I know what really matters to those who work from anywhere, and cover it all in detail.

Onto its second edition, Hammocks and Hard Drives is packed with real-world knowledge and advice that lets digital nomads avoid tech problems, save money, and focus on doing what really matters: getting the work done.

So What’s Inside?



I help you choose exactly which gear you need, and be certain about what you don’t.
No matter what you’re buying, you’ll be able to go beyond sales people and specifications to focus on what truly matters on the road.


  • What makes the perfect laptop?
  • The great tablet debate
  • Gadgets that matter


Whether you’re in the hotel business centre, a local coffee shop, or standing in front of an immigration official at the airport, you’ll know how to keep your business and personal data safe and hidden from prying eyes.


  • Personal safety
  • Privacy, passwords and encryption
  • Crossing borders


Staying Connected

You’ll get the tools and gear recommendations you need for faster, cheaper and more reliable Internet anywhere in the world — and know what to do when the connection inevitably stops working.


  • Speeding up your Wi-fi
  • Saving money on data
  • Real-world troubleshooting


Whether you’re dealing with clients halfway across the world, or freelancers just across the room, working with others is vital to the success of any business — but it’s not easy when you’re always on the move.


  • Co-working and office space
  • Calls, documents and project management
  • The best tools (and when to use them)


And that’s just the beginning. You’ll also get tools and strategies to keep your business running when disaster hits, learn exactly which apps and services are worth your time and money, and much more.

In short, I completely demystify the technology behind life as a digital nomad. By the end of the book, you’re armed with the technical knowledge, skills, equipment and tools to work effectively from wherever in the world you happen to be. You’ll save time and money, reduce risk, stress and technology issues, and be able to fully focus on building a better, stronger business.

Don’t just take my word for it, though…

Praise for Hammocks and Hard Drives

“Clearly written by someone who lives the lifestyle full-time, it’s this level of experience that separates the advice in this book from the information that you would find in most other places. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to being prepared to run a technology-based business from anywhere in the world. “Nate Damm
“Do not quibble for a second about purchasing this ebook. It will tell you everything you need to know about digital life on the road.”Jack B. Peacock
“I wish I had read this before I started traveling. It contains strictly clear and actionable information with no b.s. filler, which I really appreciated. This book is saving me time, money, and, according to the people around me, it’s noticeably reduced the daily amount of expletives I shout at my computer.”Asia Gregg
“Best of all, any one of the tips in this book could save you hundreds – even thousands of dollars. It will more than pay for itself the first time your hard drive gets fried or someone steals your laptop.”Andrew Chirch
“I’ve been working overseas for 18 months now and had done a lot of research before making the leap. THIS is the book that would have saved me tons of time. The author is very thorough and complete with his advice and recommendations. I thought I knew quite a bit about most of these topics, yet I discovered lots of tips that I will be implementing right away. Great job … I’ll be recommending this to other digital nomads for sure.”Kaye T

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