How to Sweep Your Hotel Room for Spy Cameras

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Unfortunately when you stay in a hotel, you’re not the only one with access to your room. Hotel rooms are vulnerable places, and it is surprisingly easy for someone to covertly hide a spy camera in them.

The people that hide these cameras find a hotel room the ideal place to do so. This gives them the opportunity to capture and record some of our most private moments.

New and unfamiliar surroundings can make it challenging to identify unusual items in the room. This is why it is important for you to know what you can do to protect yourself from these predators.

Knowing what to look for will help you protect yourself. Generally, hidden cameras will not be tiny holes in the wall, as that would require construction. To properly sweep for a spy camera you will first want to take a note of all the devices in your room.

In most cases a spy camera is going to be hidden in an everyday household object that is small enough to ship discreetly. For example it is unlikely you will find a spy camera in a large item like a television.

Most spy cameras will be hidden in some sort of electronic device. Objects that are not necessarily picked up, moved around or examined frequently can easily harbour a camera. Be sure to check inanimate objects for small tiny pinholes.

You also want to check any vents or openings in the wall where one could access and install a spy camera without drawing attention.




Examples of items commonly used to hide spy cameras in hotel rooms includes:

  • Smoke Detector
  • AC adapter
  • Telephone
  • Lamp
  • Outlet
  • Wall Clock
  • Mirror
  • Alarm Clock
  • Soap Dish
  • Tooth Brush Holder
  • Tissue Boxes
  • DVD player

In addition to checking objects for small pinholes, you also want to check for SD card slots, USB ports, and hidden compartments. These could easily conceal a camera.

Some spy cameras are completely undetectable to the naked eye. With these cameras all components are hidden within the object and the video is transmitted to be recorded elsewhere. These undetectable spy cameras are not expensive and can be easily purchased online. As a result, you could consider investing in a spy camera detector.

4There are many types of spy camera detectors, and you may need two different ones to thoroughly sweep your room. First off, the wireless spy cam detector. This type of detector is capable of picking up signals from wireless transmitting devices. When it detects a signal it will beep to alert you.

Depending on the device, there are generally different types of beeps as the signal gets stronger. Some spy cam detectors work silently and instead have lights that alert you to a signal.

It is important to turn off all wireless devices before using the camera detector as it may pick up signals from them. These items include cellphones, wireless routers, lap tops, cordless telephones and similar wireless items. Any item that transmits a signal could potentially be detected by the device.

Make sure to sweep all areas of your hotel room with the detector, including every object in the room. Stay calm if there is a slight signal detected as you get close to the wall. You want to keep in mind there may be people in the rooms adjacent to yours that could have a wireless device. This is probably the case if your detector is picking up a signal from an empty area on the wall.


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If there is a camera in your room the detector will pick up a stronger signal near an object of some sort. Typically, a wireless camera will be hidden in objects that plug in for power. Things like a digital clock or a DVD player can hide a camera well, but to be safe make sure you still check everything else.

After adequately sweeping your room for wireless cameras, you will want to check for self-contained units. These units record to onto internal memory or SD cards, and generally do NOT transmit a signal so cannot be detected by a wireless camera detector.

You will need to be more meticulous when searching for a such devices. As mentioned earlier you will want to check all objects for small pinholes, tiny SD card slots, USB ports and hidden compartments.


An alternative option to help detect self-contained hidden cameras is to use a lens finder. Simply hold the lens finder over areas where the camera might be to detect if there is a lens.

This is especially helpful on objects where the lens is not hidden behind a tiny pinhole. Instead the camera lens will be hidden behind the glass or face of an object (like a digital clock). The lens finder will light up and reveal the camera lens hidden in an object.

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Unfortunately when you stay in a hotel, you are not the only one with access to your room. Here's how to sweep your room for spy cameras.

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  1. lol Yup! I do it all the time now. Once I’ve done a ‘scan’ I feel good and relaxed. Also some places I won’t even bother checking. Like a big name hotel. Its just if I go to a home stay or a no name hotel/motel.

  2. lol Wow! I hadn’t even thought of this before I read this blog post. Now i think i will be more aware of clocks pointing toward my bed and toothbrush holders in awkward positions. Interesting post!

  3. This seems a bit random.

    But on similar note, before you even get to swipe your room for these devices, make sure not to stand in front of the door when you slide the key in as someone hiding there may easily shoot at you through the door. And when you leave your room, slide a small piece of paper in the doorway that will fall out if someone enters your room while you are away.

    Oh and don’t sleep because someone might get in while you are doing that…


  4. There is nothing funny about being spied on in your private moments in a place your paying to be. There is an ugly climate in our nation with right now with regards to privacy and things like hidden cameras or mikes in ones hotel room, car, the bathroom at the courthouse, or in ones year round rental. Cases where unethical landlords are making inappropriate use of this technology to spy on paying tenants in good standing have exploded. There is porn of Americans in private motel and hotel rooms for sale in India and the far east. Do you really like the idea of your private moments with your significant other being for sale in Kuala Lumpur because you decided to stay in a “mom and pop” operated place? The recent revelations of Mr. Snowden show us that all internet and phone conversations are already being recorded and in many cases monitored by a government that is riddled by secret cabals and conspiracies. There is no way to tell if hidden agencies within government have not already acted on information that was obtained in these illegal and unconstitutional manners. Groups like NRA, the freemasons, the bildebergs, AFSCME, and the american bar association wield terrifying powers that trump the bill of rights, the constitution, or any accepted notions about justice for hidden and unknown ends all while programming the uneducated to doubt even their existence. The public needs to take real measures to shore up privacy safeguards and insitute sanctions that punish those who violate the codes of decent conduct severely.

    1. i think you are so right in what you said there is a uper order of the world trying to run us but this is a free world and it is not theres or ours or any ones it’s all’s. and that is what all man kind need to realizes . it sounds mad to most but it’s true and we all need to come togaver and make a mass change this world is every ones not the 5 to ten percent that seam to control . but its more then that as there is atless 30 to 40 percent of the world that are uper class that deiam there sels better then the rest that make the world . sorry if my grammer is out and spelling as i aint good at that but you should get what i am saying .

      1. sorry i for got to say what i read in all the post are true as i stayed in a hotel and got dun for smoking and i was not and the security cam to my room and when thy ware there thy told me thy had hiden camaras in the rooms !!! how true it is who know’s

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    If you suspicious and paranoid around any of this object just cover it.

  6. I am a victim of such loathsome, vile, and disgusting espionage cyber crimes such as these. I certainly will be purchasing a spy camera detector as soon as i can afford one.

  7. I’m In A Motel 6 in DFW and I believe I am a victim of being atrocious espionage activities, as well. I can hear the neighbors making comments about my activities, movements, and mannerisms. I know that can see what I’m doing, and I constantly hear them chattering and gossiping abt me. And what’s weirder, I’ve never seen them.

  8. Yea,ive always said,joked around that about hotels. Or should I say assume there may be. Even way back in the day before they were around/for sale. This is why you make sure to give a great performance…you may be a star in those fckd up, twisted freaky countries. Ha!

  9. I had tried one of these detector personally. I realise, the effective of the red flash light, to detect camera lens is difficult, when the Len is hiding behind reflection object, for example a glass door or similar. The reflection or the Len are not able to effectively identified.

  10. Thanks for the heads up after leaving my home due to identifying a hacker for past nearly 2 years as .now getting threats after confronting them. I think. They are still hacking me but I believe they know im.straying in a motel and now freaking out. Cheers. I brought my own CCTV cameras here and was asked to remove them.from balcony only pointing to the road. Can.I do this test with ones I have here in room as one camera is showing slowly moving horizontal lines. Both up and down directions

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