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Games! What better way to help pass those moments you’d rather not be experiencing in real time, such as long train journeys, visiting an elderly relative or taking a shopping trip with your significant other?

In today’s post I’m rounding up ten of my favourite games for mobile devices. This started out as an Android only post, but as both platforms now seem to feature largely the same games (yay for progress!), it became a general round up.

It features a number of recent games, as well as some older classics that perhaps you missed the first time round. Enjoy!

Real Racing 3

real racing 3if you like your car racing games to be of the realistic, good looking variety, then you need Real Racing 3 in your life. This game features a whole load of real-world cars and tracks that all appear in beautiful detail if you’ve got a well powered device. It also features a clever system which pits you against real world opponents based on their submitted times, making races that much more exciting.

It’s a big download (>1GB), and the freemium model has irked some, but you can play the game without spending anything if you’re the patient sort, and once you’ve unlocked a few cars you’ll be good to go. A beautiful game that is a must if you’re a racing game fan.

Available on Android (free) and iOS, (free), in game purchases available.

Angry Birds Starwars

angry birds star warsPulling together the two biggest franchises of the last forty years (yes, Star Wars is nearly that old), this game pits your catapult powered birds against the evil pig empire. Ok, so it’s basically the same as all the other Angry Birds games, with different music and themed birds, but the twist is just enough to make this one worth playing.

It features all the best characters from the original films, locations such as Cloud City and Hoth, and is bound to bring a smile to your face as you smash a tiny Han Solo shaped yellow triangle into an evil looking stormpig.

Available on Android (free, with ads, or HD version $2.99) and iOS ($0.99)

Great Little War Game

Great little war gameWar! What is it good for? Trivialising and turning into a game you say? Why, yes indeed. GLWG is a classic (by Android standards) turn based strategy game featuring campaign, multiplayer, and skirmish modes. It’s  a good looking game with plenty of humour that will also vaguely challenge your brain. Yay for brains.

If you like it, you can get the sequel, Great Big War Game, for even more levels and war humour. Hoo-rah, as your little pixels pretending to be men might be inclined to say.

Available on Android ($1.99) and iOS ($0.99 / $1.99 HD version)

X Construction

x constructionOk, so this one is a bit niche. It’s about building bridges. For trains to go over. I can almost feel your excitement washing over me. It sounds simple, but the realistic physics engine means it’s anything but.

Think world of goo, but with trains and girders instead of goo and goo. Not played World of Goo? Seriously just go install that right now and give up on this post. You can thank me later.

In the meantime, X Construct is available for your construction puzzling pleasure on Android, with both a free ad-supported version and a paid premium version which has more levels and a “free-construct” mode. Similar games can be found for iOS.

Android free version, paid version ($1.49)

Beach Buggy Blitz

beach buggy blitzSo sometimes you want a racing game that isn’t quite so serious and beard strokingly geeky as, say, Real Racing 3. Sometimes you just want to fire up some cheesy tunes and roll your way around a map against a clock, bashing into giant crabs and palm trees.

Beach Buggy Blitz is the perfect game for just those times. It’s also the perfect game for showing off your snazzy new phone, as it’s pretty gorgeous looking. Gameplay is simple – race around a procedurally generated track (meaning it’s different every time), trying to hit checkpoints before the time runs out.

The coins you collect on the way go towards upgrades, which makes your car faster, which means you can get to more checkpoints. Where you can collect more coins, and make your car faster. Sure, it’s all meaningless, but what isn’t?

It’s the only game on this list to support Google+ profile saving, with achievements and leaderboards to boot. It’s also free, with in-app purchases keeping the development team alive, although again, you can easily play through without spending a dime.

Available on Android (free) and iOS (free), in game purchases available.

Dungeon Hunter 4

dungeon hunterRemember when you needed a really powerful PC to play complex dungeon hunting games like Diablo? Yeah, well, you still need a really powerful PC to play the latest version of Diablo, but if you’re looking for a bit of dungeon hunting on a smaller, more portable scale, then the impressively pretty Dungeon Hunter 4 from Gameloft should get you going.

Featuring both a story mode and co-op action, this game has everything you’d expect from an RPG (that’s role playing game, not rocket propelled grenade) and perhaps, more. Ok, not more. But still.  Everything you’d expect. It’s free to play, with the inevitable in game purchases helping you get to the end that little bit quicker.

Available on Android (free) and iOS (free), in game purchases available.

Lego Starwars: The Yoda Chronicles

lego starwarsI’m not obsessed with Star Wars, honest. But the idea of controlling a tiny Lego character in the Star Wars universe, ably helped out by everyone’s favourite grammar abusing green elf, is just too much temptation to ignore.

The game itself is nothing to get hugely excited about, being aimed at the younger demographic. It has you running around shooting at stuff and collecting bits of Lego, whilst completing fairly simple missions, but the cut scenes are pretty and contain some humour that Star Wars fans will appreciate.

Plus, it’s free, so you’re not losing anything but a bit of time. Which is what this is all about.

Available on Android (free) and iOS (free)


slydrisThis game has been deeply obsessing one of the TMA editors of late, and he is not a man who is trivially obsessed over things. Oh no.

Slydris is a block puzzle game, one of those games that sounds deceptively easy and straight forward when you read about it, yet somehow before you know it has you dreaming in multi coloured blocks and wondering why you smell so odd.

It adds just enough variety to the genre to make it stand out, but never feels gimmicky. A great addition to your on the go gaming kit.

Available on Android ($1.99) and iOS ($1.99)

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Ticket To Ride

ticket to rideBased on the board game of the same name, and only recently ported from iOS, this travel themed title sees you travelling around the US by rail, gaining points by establishing train routes and blocking your opponents from doing the same. Which is a lot more fun than it might sound.

Your opponents are either computer controlled for a local game, or real world players pulled from the internet, which helps with the feeling of a board game experience. Without the family arguments.

The Android version doesn’t currently have local multiplayer or  the pass to play modes enabled, which is a bit of a downer, but it seems likely that those modes are on the way. The game works best on larger screen devices as it is designed for tablets, but if you have a recent device with a high screen resolution you should be good to go.

Available for Android ($6.99) and iOS ($6.99)

Bombcats: Special Edition


Given the internets general obsession with cats, it’s kind of a miracle that an Angry Birds type game featuring explosive cats took so long to arrive. Although calling this an Angry Birds clone with cats is doing it a bit of a disservice. Even if the parallels are there to be drawn.

The game has you taking control of a range of explosive cats (naturally) who need to rescue their kittens. This is achieved, ostensibly, by blowing their kittens up. Presumably a fiery death is better than a life of imprisonment.

Anyway, you get given a variety of explosive cat types to play with (seven in all), the environments are fun, and gameplay varies enough to differentiate this one from the avian filled crowd.

It’s available on Android ($2.99) and iOS (free with in app purchases)

And that is it for this round up of some great time wasting games for your on-the-go gaming pleasure! Got a favourite game to share? Let us know about it in the comments below!

All images via the respective game developers.

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  1. Doesn’t android have Limbo? If so you need to look it up creepy yet puzzling.

  2. As the editor mentioned, I’ve played Slydris so much sometimes, that when I’ve found myself looking at a block of text, my brain tries to move the words down to fill the gaps and clear the lines.

    Makes it a little more difficult to read an article when it happens…

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