Navigating the vast array of technology available to travelers can be daunting. Which phone is best? Do I need an e-reader, and if so, which one? How do I keep my photos safe?

These questions and dozens of others like them are what we try to answer around here. For those who don’t have time to search through hundreds of articles, however, we’ve gathered together our recommendations across several categories.

In each case we’ve chosen a few of the best products on the market, and explain why they’re better than anything else out there right now.

What does that mean? In our opinion, recommended products do the job better, faster, cheaper or easier (or, likely, many of those things) than the competition for most travelers. It’s as simple as that.

  • Smartphones

    Sunset and smartphone

    Their small size and many functions make smartphones one of the most useful travel gadgets around.

    They’re definitely not all created equal, however, and picking the wrong one could end up being a frustrating and expensive mistake.

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  • Laptops

    Laptop with map and cameras

    While many travelers have switched to tablets or smartphones, there’s still nothing better than a laptop to get real work done on the road.

    If you want maximum performance and flexibility with minimum size and weight, here’s what to buy.

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  • Storage & Backup

    Sandisk Extreme lifestyle

    Whether you’re backing up your files, sharing photos with friends, or just adding a little extra capacity to your camera, storage matters more than ever.

    Here are our recommendations for all the options that matter to travelers: hard drives, flash, wireless, and up in the cloud.

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  • Accessories

    Dart charger

    It’s easy to get carried away with the number of gadgets and accessories you take on a trip, and most of them are unnecessary.

    There are a few, though, that are definitely useful enough to justify their cost and weight, from chargers to e-readers, batteries to Wi-Fi boosters and more.

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  • Tablets

    Girl on iPad

    For many travelers, tablets are replacing laptops as their main way of staying in touch from the road.

    The best are light, well-made, and can do everything you need, and the worst are none of those things. Which is which?

    Whether you’re looking for something to get serious work done, update social media, or entertain the kids, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Sound

    NYNE TT on the beach

    From screaming kids on a longhaul flight to blaring music videos on an overnight bus in Laos, sometimes decent earphones are all that stands between you and a miserable few hours.

    Other times, it’s all about sharing your music with those around you: a day on the beach, or a hotel room party.

    Here are our recommendations for better sound, no matter your travel style.

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  • Tools & Services

    Tools and services

    Need to know which company has the best travel insurance, or makes the best VPN for travelers?

    Which site gives the best hotel deals, or how to get into airport lounges without airline status or business-class tickets?

    These are the tools and services we use.

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  • Action Gear

    Skydio following

    If your travels tend to be action packed, this is the gear for you.

    We’ve got the perfect drones for any budget (and tips on traveling with them), plus the best action cameras that aren’t made by GoPro!

    Here’s what you need to know.

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