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Dave Dean

Founder and editor Dave Dean has been a geek as long as he can remember. His first computer was a ZX Spectrum, complete with rubber keys and a tape drive that rarely worked. That thing was a work of art.

He worked in technology for fifteen years with multinationals and startups around the world, combining his love of all things nerdy with an overwhelming travel addiction, before hitting the road full-time in 2011.

Originally from New Zealand but now based out of a backpack long term, Dave writes about technology and travel from anywhere with half-decent Internet and a great view. He’s been interviewed and quoted on travel tech in many major publications, and can be contacted here.

Patricia Rey Mallén

Patricia Rey Mallén is a roaming writer and tech enthusiast, and has been wandering the globe for 10-odd years. A passionate Apple lover, she is familiar with Genius bars from Sydney to Reykjavík to Mexico City.

She only vaguely remembers life before the Internet, but will forever long for the days in which mobile phone batteries lasted over a week

Lauren Juliff

Lauren Juliff is a physicist turned digital nomad who’s travelling and working her way around the world on a permanent basis.

She’s the clumsy member of the team — if there’s a camera to be dropped, a Kindle to be stood on or a laptop to pour a drink over, she’ll be the one to do it.

Jim Fricker

Videographer, music producer, and editor, Jim Fricker has spent most of his professional life recording, creating, and manipulating digital content.

After owning and operating a recording studio for eight years, he decided to hit the road with his wife to pursue a life of travel. They now travel the world inspiring others to learn Spanish through videos and their blog.