Buying SIM Cards and eSIMs Around The World

If you’re looking to stay connected while travelling overseas, picking up a local SIM card or eSIM is the way to go.

Typically much cheaper than roaming with your cell company from back home or using an international SIM, you’ll often spend under twenty dollars on a local SIM or eSIM to stay connected for a month. As long as your phone is ready for international travel, you’re good to go.

The process and effort required to buy a local SIM is different in every country. That’s why we’ve put together firsthand accounts of exactly how to do it in 65+ popular destinations around the globe.

Which card to use, where to buy it, how much you’ll expect to pay, and how much hassle you’ll have doing so: we’ve got you covered. Just click on the country names below to find everything you need to know.

In the last couple of years, travel eSIMs have started providing stiff competition for physical SIM cards. The technology is built into every recent iPhone and many other devices, and because you can buy them before you leave home, the process is much simpler: you’re connected as soon as you land.

Prices are often about the same as local SIM cards, and sometimes even cheaper for shorter stays or when you don’t need a lot of data.

We recommend specific companies in each country below, but if you’re new to eSIMs, read our explainer here. You can also compare all of the companies we’ve used to see which might work best for you.