Buying a SIM Card in Lithuania

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Like the rest of the Baltic States, Lithuania is incredibly cheap. That’s especially true if you’re looking to stay connected while you’re in the country.

As with our reports from Latvia and Estonia, a SIM card with calls, texts, and data will cost you no more than a few euros and offers excellent speeds.

If you want to pick up a SIM card while you’re in Lithuania, here’s what you need to know.

Note: Lithuania is part of the European Union, which introduced new roaming regulations in June 2017. These “roam like at home” rules effectively ended roaming charges across much of Europe, meaning you’ll usually pay no more for calls, texts, and data in other EU countries than you would in the country of purchase.

There are some exceptions and limits, however. Double-check the details at time of purchase if you’re planning to use your SIM elsewhere in the region.


  • We recommend Tele2 for most travelers
  • Digicel is best if you’ll only be visiting the main islands

There are three different cell companies in Lithuania — Bite, Tele2, and Omnitel. Tele2 and Omnitel operate their 3G service on the 2100 MHz band, Bite operates on both 900 MHz and 2100 MHz.

For LTE, you’ll find Tele2 and Omnitel on 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2600 MHz, covering 80% of the population of Lithuania. Bite operates on the same frequencies, but only covers half the population so far.

I picked Tele2 because it had good coverage, and low prices.


Finding a SIM card was easy: I just wandered into the closest Narvesen convenience store and asked for one. The sales assistant handed me a Tele2 packet for €2 and then I was on my own.

The difficulties came when I got home and realised Tele2 did not, in fact, offer a nanoSIM version. Instead, the packet came with a regular sized SIM card and a microSIM.

Never fear! I found a pair of scissors in my Airbnb apartment, held a nanoSIM over the microSIM as a stencil, and trimmed it down.

To my great surprise, as messy as the end result was, it worked! If you need a nanoSIM and aren’t confident hacking up that little piece of plastic, however, you might want to go for Omnitel instead.

You’ll need to enter APN details, as follows:

No username or password

Can't be bothered with the hassle of buying a local SIM in Lithuania? OneSIM topped our international SIM card comparison.

It offers phones and SIM cards that work in 200 countries, have free incoming calls, save up to 85% on roaming fees, and can be sent out ahead of time to let you hit the ground running. Find out more here.


I paid €1 for the SIM card and €1 for 1 GB of data, valid for one month. As I mentioned, cell service in Lithunia is cheap!

Topping Up

You can buy top-ups from any of the convenience stores in Lithuania (Narvesen, Maxima, Iki, and Rimi), as well as at Tele2 stores.

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Coverage and Data Speeds

Coverage was strong throughout Vilnius and on the route to the airport, and speeds were fast at all times. All in all, staying connected in Lithuania was extremely good value for money.

Lithuania speeds

Tele2 HSPA+ speeds in Vilnius

Check out our guides to buying SIM cards in many other countries here.

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  1. This is great information 🙂 Was the €1 the cost “buying” a data plan from the main prepaid balance or was the pay per use data actually so cheap that the deduction for 1GB works out to be €1?

  2. The data cost is bundled into whatever SIM pack you buy from the vendor — basically, the SIM card costs €1, and then you pay extra for whatever calls/SMS/data plan you want. In this case, the pack (SIM 1GB data) cost €2.

    So to answer your question — it’s not the casual rate, it’s a plan, but you don’t need to do anything else after purchase to get that plan.

  3. As a local I could offer you an alternative to Pildyk. It is Ezys (Omnitel) – for 2,29 EUR you get 1GB 4G internet, 250mins and 6000 SMS (I guess the latter 2 are not so relavant for travelling people) but the price is still great. Nano card actually comes with the package, so you don’t have to worry about that.

    Also, Ezys constantly offers different discounts, for example free Facebook data, or free data at night and similar. If you run out of 1GB included with the SIM card you can order one of these plans Not sure why it is not included in English version but if you order more than 4GB you get free data for Facebook as well, which is pretty nice if you upload a lot of photos/videos etc

  4. we paid €2.50 for a pyldik sim at a street vendor kiosk. 1 week and 1GB. leaving €1 credit which can be used for calls / texts or to get more data.
    full size, micro, and nano sizes supported.

    no APN settings required. the system sent a configuration message which I accepted and it took care of everything.

    I ran out of data and am now on a plan called “SOS Internet”. I’m not sure how this works, google translating this stuff isn’t 100%.
    I seem to have 1GB for 1 day for free.
    Off to latvia tomorrow!

  5. This is great info! I will be travelling to Vilnius , followed by Riga and Tallinn. I intend to purchase Tele2 Pildyk prepaid SIM and top-up with 30 days data 1.5GB option. Anyone know if such Pildyk SIM card support data roaming in Riga and Tallinn? This will save me from buying another SIM card outside Lithuania. Thanks!

  6. Do these options include texting/calling international numbers? Is that what you get when you purchase data instead of minutes? I am going to be in Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia/Russia area all next semester and am looking for a cheap plan!

  7. Typically not. For cheap/free calling and texting, we usually suggest using your data allowance or Wi-fi with WhatsApp and Skype Calling (which lets you call mobiles and landlines, in most cases for a few cents per minute).

  8. Hi friends,

    I am coming to siauliai. I need to know, which sim card / mobile network is good in 3g/4g speeds. As right now, my main concern is cheap data packages for a months and also free mintues and sms an additional advantage for me.

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