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Traveling long term with a mouse is currently a must for me.  I can blame both years of habit, and the fact that PC manufacturers still haven’t figured out how to make a good touchpad for that.

The problem is how to choose a good one.  Should it connect by Bluetooth or USB?  How often will I need to change the batteries?  And finally and most importantly, is it comfortable and durable for travel?

The M705 Wireless Mouse from Logitech (check prices on Amazon) is one that I’ve used on and off for the past few years.  After my last mouse broke down and was repaired, I decided to switch back to this 8-button wireless mouse.

Connectivity: Does It Work Without Driving Me Nuts?

I’ve never been a big fan of Bluetooth mice, as I found myself dealing with problems syncing and keeping it connected to my laptop.  The M705 uses Logitech’s wireless “Unifying Receiver” which can connect up to 6 devices at once.  Handy at home, but not so much on the road.


What is handy however is the size of the connector.  It barely sticks out of the laptop, meaning I can leave it in all of the time without worrying about it breaking off.  The downside to this is that it still takes up one of the 3 USB ports on my laptop, bringing it down to only two for charging gear and connecting USB hard drives.

If you do decide to take the adapter out, it can slip right inside of the mouse underneath the battery door so it won’t get lost.

Yes.  Not only does it not drive me nuts, and it stays connected like an all-star.

Batteries: Does It Last an Eternity?

Finding quality batteries on the road can be a pain in the neck.  Not only that, but there is little to like about dropping everything you’re doing when your mouse craps out in the middle of your productivity space just to search around for batteries.

It’s here, with its rep for battery power, that the M705 Marathon Mouse gets its name.  With two AA batteries you could have battery power for up to 3 years!  Problem solved.

Now if you don’t want to have two AA batteries weighing you down, you can also run the M705 with just one AA battery.  To save that battery in transit, just flip the power switch on the bottom of the mouse.  This is particularly important if you tend to put your laptop to sleep.  If the mouse is still powered on, the movement in your bag may wake up your laptop.

Yes.  While not an eternity, I think years of battery life is a good start.

Comfort, Usability & Durability: Do I Actually Want To Haul It Around The World?

Here’s a big one.  Do I actually want to use it?

It is a little big bigger than my other wireless travel mouse, but even with my petite digits, the slightly larger size of the mouse is actually more comfortable, particularly after hours of usage.

The buttons (and there are no shortage of buttons), are configurable through the relatively poor Logitech “SetPoint” software.  I assign some of the extra buttons to be “back” for the browser, “Alt-Tab” to switch to the last window, and a couple of more obscure ones specific to software that I use everyday.  The extra buttons are a big bonus for me.


The M705 also has a two-function scroll wheel.  You can switch between a free-motion “hyper-fast” mode or more traditional click-style roll of the wheel.  I prefer the free-motion, which they have improved greatly over their older mice.

Finally, the mouse comes with its own zip-up carry case for safe keeping for those long flights and chicken bus rides.

Yes, it’s a good mouse to haul around.


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Should You Buy the Marathon M705 Mouse for Travel?

I’d say yes.

Although the pack size of the mouse is a little larger than some wireless mice for travel, the extra comfort while using it is worth it in my opinion. The battery life is top of the class, and it works on nearly any surface.

The mouse retails for $49.99 but you can find it cheaper on Amazon.

Do you travel with a mouse?

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